C.S. Lewis and a Good Reminder

You know how much I love C.S. Lewis. I read and reread him all the time.

Here is a thought from Lewis that spoke to me once again. I put it on an image to visually communicate the power of his words.

This thought from Lewis reminds me of Hebrews 11:13-16. In that passage, the author talks about life as a journey… life as pilgrimage. We are living by faith, making our way through the world, sojourning here and there, always on the move, looking for the “better country,” as we are headed toward our true home.

Along that way, Lewis reminds us, we will have many refreshing inns to enjoy. But make no mistake, the inn is not your final home. If there are things we love about the inn, it is that they remind us of home.

So, enjoy the inns of your life. Receive them with grateful hearts. And then keep on traveling to the City God has prepared for you.

Traveling with you along the long and winding road home.
Pastor Brian

Brian Rice