Christmas Eve Services: A Few Things to Know

Christmas Eve is almost here. This year (as it happens every 7 years), Christmas Eve is on a Sunday. That makes this Christmas Eve weekend a little different.

Here are a few things to consider.

First, our Sunday morning services are going to be Christmas Eve services as well.

It is just too hard to put together an entirely different Sunday morning ministry. It is hard on our staff and on the many ministry partners we depend on.

We also realize that for many (most) of you, the day is filled with family times, commitments, and travel. Sunday morning church happens 52 times a year. Christmas Eve happens once a year. So, we decided to give you even more options for when you attend a Christmas Eve service. That means you can have a great Christmas Eve experience and have the rest of the day for your family.

Be sure to check the times for Christmas Eve Eve, for the Sunday morning changes, and for the service times the rest of the day.

Second, while Christmas Eve is when we want to spend great time with family, it is also one of the best times of the year to be missional. 

Christmas Eve is a high response time for your friends and co-workers to come to church, so take the initiative and invite a friend to church. Invite them to attend the service you attend. Or, find out their best time and adjust your service preference so you can meet them and help them have a great experience at Living Word.

Third, as you are able, please help us out by picking up tickets for your preferred service.

This will help all of us see what attendance is looking like. If you have the flexibility for attending several services, if you get tickets for those services which have more space available, you will help us accommodate as many guests as possible.

We have many guests attend on Christmas Eve. The preferred services for guests attending is Saturday at 6:00 pm (Christmas Eve Eve), Sunday morning at 9:00, and then Sunday afternoon at 4:00.

If you are able to attend the 6:00 or 8:00 pm Christmas Eve services on Sunday, that will give more space for our guests to have a beautiful experience (i.e., they’ll be able to find a seat!).

Finally, would you pray for these services?

Pray for many guests. Pray for the good news of the love and peace of Christ to reach many people. And pray that the Christmas Eve Offering would be generous and a blessing to many organizations. Above all, pray that Christ the Savior would be worshipped and glorified.

Looking forward to the Savior in the manger,
Pastor Brian

Brian Rice