Cities Are Where It’s At!

And cities are where God is on the move!

Here are statistics for the amazing growth of the percentage of the world population that lives in cities.

Here are statistics for the number of cities with over one million people.

Here are statistics for the number of MegaCities (having 10+ million people).The world began in a Garden (Genesis 1-2). We find the fulfillment of all things in a New City (Revelation 21-22). The New and Eternal City will be filled with gardens, but it is a city.

The Kingdom of God began in a small backward nation – Israel. It expanded into a Mediterranean region of the world, some of it urban, most of it rural.

Christian missions globally has often focused on the more rural parts of the world and found it much harder to live and minister in an urban area. The future of God’s Kingdom purposes will be among the great cities of the world.

This is one of the renewed focal strategies for how Living Word will focus its global missions work in the years ahead. As Christian missiologist and urbanologist Ray Bakke says, “We have an urban future whether we like it or not.”

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