Civility, Respect, and Dignity on the Internet

Every now and then I like to provide a resource from another blogger. James Emery White is the lead pastor of Mecklenberg Community Church.

White is an author of many good books. He is a gifted pastor of a very large church.

He is also a public intellectual for Christians who says substantial things, but who “hangs the fruit low to the ground” so everyone can benefit.

In his weekly post, White addresses a growing problem, and that is angry Christians who use the Internet and social media to display their anger against other Christians.

The Internet and the many medias it supports are tools. We can use them in good ways or wrong ways.

We can use them for dialogue, conversation, opinion sharing, idea launching, and raising concerns about things we think need to be addressed. But how we do that matters a very great deal.

White wisely guides us on this. Enjoy (well, benefit from) his thoughts on Spiritual Road Rage.

Pastor Brian

If you want a longer study of the problem of the loss of civility in our culture, read The Case for Civility by Os Guinness.

In this book (written 10 years ago), Guinness looks at how we are losing our ability to have respect, honor, kindness, and civility in our conversations. We see this in presidential primaries, between those who want to be the highest leaders in our land, when they are mean, rude, insulting, derogatory, etc., to others. The standard for very low behavior has been set up in the highest figures in our land. Guinness is masterful as he unpacks this theme.

Brian Rice

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