Christian Counseling & Coaching in York, PA

The Counseling Center at Living Word provides services from a distinctly Christian worldview.

Whether you are encountering typical life stressors, facing serious life struggles, or desiring a personal development plan for your future, our professionally trained counselors and coaches offer services that promote personal well-being, psychological and relational health, and spiritual growth as you address many of life’s situations and challenges.

Counseling Services are designed to address the difficulties one encounters in life, both internally and externally. This process involves creating new strategies to overcome barriers to healing, wholeness, and well-being.

Coaching Services are designed to evaluate one’s skills, habits, and rhythms as related to life transitions and calling. This process involves creating a personal and/or professional plan to develop one’s life purpose, vision, and mission.

Both counseling and coaching involve pursuing the guidance of God’s Word, seeking out God’s Wisdom, and working in concert with God’s Spirit. It is our desire for each person to find fresh starts, second chances, and new beginnings, through the grace and mercy of God.

Contact The Counseling Center at Living Word: 717-893-2336‬ or email.

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