Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief

Let’s be ready to serve when needs arise! We will keep this page on our website active and updated, and communicate with you whenever we have developments to report.


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The Opportunity We Have

Living Word has been involved in disaster relief in the past. Most significantly, when Hurricane Harvey wrecked Houston and surrounding communities, we had the privilege of partnering with Servants Disaster Recovery Ministry and two local churches in helping to rebuild homes in Vidor, TX.

Then when Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico as a Category 4 Storm and caused much devastation, we partnered with Water Mission (formerly Water Missions International) to provide clean water to areas hardest hit there.

While Living Word can’t be involved every time there is a disaster, some of them are so significant we believe we need to play some part and make some contribution to the season of recovery and rebuilding.

So we are fully committed to joining in and helping some of those who have suffered extreme loss.

Core Ideas That Guide Us

First, at the moment of disaster, that is when the compassion and generosity of people is highest. We see the suffering. We are moved by it. We want to help in relieving it. Every relief organization knows that, and that is when the most money is raised for relief and aid. We know that and we want to give you an opportunity to contribute toward disaster relief and recovery. You can do that now by giving to our disaster relief fund (click either link above depending on how you want to give). Also, please join us in prayer and the other action steps we have outlined below.

Second, in the initial efforts to bring relief, that is when operations are most unorganized, duplication of effort is common, effectiveness and efficiency are not yet in place, and sadly, some resources are often wasted and unused. We want to avoid those problems. Right now, there is massive aid flowing into Houston through many organizations.

Third, the really hard work continues long after the initial surge of public interest has faded. We want to be available and present to help with the ongoing needs. That is what we did in Biloxi and that is what we want to do with the current opportunities.

Fourth, we value partnership with those who have “feet on the ground.” We already have a number of contacts with good churches in Houston, who have good ministries, and who are doing relief work right now. We are sorting through those opportunities to find the one we believe will be a great fit. Once that partnership is established, we will begin to direct our resources (funds, supplies, and people) to that location. We want to work with those who will be there for the long haul. We believe this will be the way of collaboration, partnership, fruitful ministry, and accountability.

Fifth, we are connecting with other area ministries and churches around us, to see if there are ways we can work together to help the disaster victims from these hurricanes.

Finally, we are most interested in helping those who are least able to get resources. For example, Houston already had what every United States city has, and that is a large population of urban poor. There are Christian churches that will have almost no resources to rebuild or to help their own people. We want to find a partner church that is in turn partnering (for the long haul) with those churches.

How You Can Help

  1. Pray that we would find the best partnership possible, and find it promptly.
  2. Make a financial contribution now or in the future to help with the rebuilding efforts. The best way to donate is via a check, noting in the memo section “Disaster Recovery.”
  3. Contribute items if and when there is the need for supplies. We will let the church know the items we need.
  4. Be part of missional work projects. If and when we can take teams down to help out, we will be looking for people to be a part of this project.
  5. Pray for those in suffering. Don’t neglect the power of prayer for those affected. God works in mysterious ways through prayers from a distance.