Easter Weekend Recap by Guest Blogger Chris Smith

Easter weekend at Living Word was a beautiful celebration of the stronger-than-death love of God. Our six weekend services were a time for us to come together in worship and proclaim the death and resurrection of Jesus through song, prayer, and God’s Word. 

On Good Friday, we reflected on the reality that Jesus laid down his life to defeat sin and death once and for all. The cross is the victory of God’s Love over all that is wrong in the world. We were blessed to have cellist Brenda Johnson (a long-time ministry partner and collaborator) bring two of her violin students (Ben and Taylor) to form a special string trio. In addition to playing on number of worship songs, the string trio performed an original arrangement of “Reckless Love-Oh the Deep, Deep Love” composed by Brenda. We were so thankful for their special contributions to our Good Friday services. 

On Easter, we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus and its massive implications for the worldBecause Jesus is alive, the good things of God can run wild—and he is inviting you and I to join him in making all things new. The song “Chainbreaker” was performed by our worship team and featured a special guest ensemble comprised of ladies who provide leadership for New Life for Girls Ministry It was a wonderful song and celebration of the life and freedom we have through Jesus. We are so thankful for the ways we can partner with artists and musicians in our community as we serve God’s kingdom purposes.  

In the wake of Easter, may the LIFE of Jesus continue to flow in and through us as we carry the good things of God into the world around us. 

Listen and watch the Good Friday and Easter services on our website and in the church app.