Ezekiel 36: The Mission of God Explained (Then and Now)


My Monday morning devotional time had me in Ezekiel 36. Wow! What a chapter. I encourage you to read it TODAY.

The Mountains of Israel is a poetic way of referring to the people of God who are embodied in the land of Israel.

The people of God were to be the missional people of God, or the people of God on a mission. They failed in this. They became just like all the other nations who did not worship the One True God, so they suffered greatly. They were carried away into captivity.

By the time you get to verse 8, the promise of God to restore his people to their land, their true faith, their holy way of living, their mandate for justice and compassion, and their mission to be a light to the nation begins. And it swells and rises in power.

In verse 11 it soars to new heights and then just stays there.

Notice all the actions God will take–verb after verb of Divine Action on behalf of the people.

Verses 22 and 32 highlight the motivation for God taking such powerful action.

And scattered throughout is the call to hear, to listen, to respond in repentance, and to follow the ways of the Living God.

Wow! What a chapter! What a story! What a future we have! What serious spiritual responsibilities are given to us as the people of God. Gail and Gordon MacDonald use the language High Calling and High Responsibility to describe our missional life with Christ.

I hope you read this chapter and listen to how the Spirit of God will speak to you through it.

May our ears be opened to the deep (and plain) things of our God,
Pastor Brian


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