Family Matters || guest post by Brian Newman

All of us live out of a social base, as it is called in some leadership development circles. Your social base is how you are supported in your work and life in general.

Who is your closest inner circle that provides spiritual and emotional support? For many, it is a spouse, siblings, and children or other extended family.

How are you supported financially and materially?

This matters – a lot. Family matters. Close community matters.

I would not be the person I am today without the relationship Susy and I have shared for more than 30 years. Thirty-three year ago we met in Geneva, Switzerland, and in 2018 we will celebrate our 30th anniversary.

We have lived in a number of places around the world: Geneva, Pasadena (California), Budapest (Hungary), Amsterdam (The Netherlands), and for the past 13 years in Denver, Colorado. We have been church planters, teaching English to Hungarian students; I have served as a missions director; and I have held several pastoral roles.

At Living Word you will see me in various contexts pretty quickly, but you might not see Susy. Oh, she will be there, but she is the classic behind-the-scenes type of person and likes it that way. But don’t be fooled by this. Susy has a powerful impact in many people’s lives.

We have two children: Carly (age 26) and Steven (age 23). Carly is married to Peter and they live in Chapel Hill, North Carolina where he is working on a PhD at the University of North Carolina. Steven lives and works in Boulder, Colorado (although at the moment he is spending 2 months in Hawaii – tough life!)

As a family we lived overseas for almost 20 years, until our kids were 14 and 11, so we share a close relationship around being an overseas ministry family. Our kids are excited for the move we are making, although we will miss Steven, who lives relatively close to us now.

We are thrilled to be joining you at Living Word for this next season! God is doing amazing things in people’s lives there already. We feel privileged to be joining you on this journey.

Brian Newman