Common LifeGroup FAQs:

Contact us at or
Salinda Weary at 717-755-0089 x 154

  • How often do LifeGroups meet?

    Groups typically meet every week or every 2 weeks; for 90 minutes to 2 hours. While most groups meet less during the holidays and summertime, your group schedule may vary to meet the needs of your group.

  • Where do LifeGroups meet?

    In-Person Groups: Most groups meet in the homes of the members; however, you may also meet at Living Word if room is available. To make room reservations, please contact us at

    Online LifeGroups: If you need assistance with setting up online Zoom sessions, we can provide you with instructions. Please be aware that the free version of Zoom is time-limited to 40 minutes per session, so you may need to log off and then log back on during your group time. If you have any question regarding other online options, please contact us.

  • What happens in a LifeGroup?

    LifeGroups meet to share life, study the scriptures, engage with the ministry of Living Word, and reach out to the community. The groups Facilitator(s) provides the following:

    • Guiding the Group Discussion, so that each member contributes and connects well
    • Coordinating the Serve & Reach Opportunities and Group Gatherings
    • Caring for the Group Needs through prayer and other manners of group support
  • How do LifeGroups start?

    • By Attending Rooted: This 10-week Mid-Size Community offers you the opportunity to meet people in your Life Stage and to form a NEW LifeGroup.
    • By Gathering People You Know: Group Cohesion, that is the stickiness that keeps groups together, centers around our shared interests, starting with our love of God and of others. Consider inviting your friends to start a LifeGroup.
  • What Study Resources do we use?

    Our Sunday Message-Based Devotionals and Groups Discussion Questions are available on the LifeGroup Resource Material page. In addition, other Resources for your group are available.

  • How do I contact my LifeGroup Members?

    • Through Connections on Living Word’s Webpage: Connections
    • Through the Connections mobile app: LEAD
      (Search your mobile device’s app store for: Church Community Builder LEAD and download.)