Faux Co

This past Saturday, our Fusion High School ministry hosted their second annual Faux Co.

Last year a group of students asked if Fusion could host an event that would be an alternative to high school’s homecoming. This was an opportunity for us to create a platform for student leadership. A team of high schoolers came together to plan the event with our leadership team and “Faux Co” was born. Faux Co basically means Fake Homecoming. Our students came up with a theme, decorated, and even had prizes throughout the night. For our students who are committed to following Jesus, HOW they celebrate/party is just as important as WHAT they celebrate. We thank God for our students and their desire to glorify God in all areas of their lives . . . even with high school dances.
After the event, Donavan Bratton and Jess Rufle received the following email:
Hi, Jess and Donavan!
We just wanted to let you know how grateful we are to Fusion for hosting the Faux Co tonight. Our daughters are freshmen at [a local high school]. They were so excited for their first school dance this year. They went all out with their dresses, shoes, jewelry, hair, nails and make up. We went to a great location to get awesome pictures and they went to a nice restaurant with a group of friends for dinner before the school’s homecoming dance. 
They came home after the dance so crushed. The dance was a solid three hours of unbelievably inappropriate dancing (with zero attempts from school administration to address/prevent it) to vulgar songs, many that constantly repeated curse words. Even the ‘f’ word wasn’t off limits. They were so uncomfortable, disappointed and discouraged. They spent the night sitting in the cafeteria with a few other friends who were equally appalled with the situation. We had no idea that homecoming dances had deteriorated to this extent. We were so, so sad for them.
After all that, they were extremely excited to have the opportunity for a second chance at the fun night they had so looked forward to. Fusion totally delivered. They came home thrilled with the amazing time they had tonight. They danced the whole night, got pictures with their friends, and were psyched about the Fusion gift basket they won.
This meant more to us and to them than you will ever know. This was the joy we had hoped to see in them from what should be a memorable milestone. We just thank you from the bottom of our hearts.