Filling Your Bucket List

There are many websites devoted to what a Christian-themed bucket list might include.

Here are a few links to explore.

I will say that from my vantage point, many of these reflect a Christian sub-culture that is pretty different from how we pursue and follow Jesus at Living Word. So, there are many suggestions I think are worth avoiding, but at the same time, there are lots of good ones.

Use these to stimulate your own thinking and praying and list-making.

The Christian Bucket List: 50 Items
By the way, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you ever do #27. I found myself wondering, what world is this person living in?

Seven Things To Do Before Heaven
This one is much shorter and written in a better way (for my spiritual tastes).

A Bucket List for Christians
This is another thoughtful list. Just the statements without explanation, since they are self-explanatory.

Here’s some more ideas for your bucket list. Some of the items on this list express the writer’s personality, others are more neutral.

I leave it up to you to determine the relative merit of the lists on the sites above and on this image.

I do think followers of Jesus should have a bucket list full of meaning and mission, for that is what life is all about. That is what all the great studies on happiness and contentment say is CRITICAL for a life well-lived and enjoyed as such.

And be sure to share your bucket list with some good friends and family. Maybe you will even have some mutual things on your lists that you will do together with the people you love.

Pastor Brian



Brian Rice