Food Insecurity in York

Living Word will be collecting donations for the York County Food Bank beginning October 13 and running through October 20 to share our abundance with our neighbors facing food insecurity.

What does it mean to experience food insecurity? It simply means that you face a lack of consistent access to enough food to keep you healthy.

Food insecurity may be an issue in families who seem like they’re doing fine but are actually struggling to make ends meet. When choosing between utility bills or groceries, many of our neighbors choose cheaper foods that don’t have enough nutrients. It may mean that a food-insecure family eats well on payday but can’t afford groceries by the end of the month. An unexpected medical bill might mean that a family has to skip dinner. Overall, over 10% of the people in York County face food insecurity.

Food insecurity is especially impactful on children, where it can inhibit brain development, immune system development, and lead to overall poor health and academic performance. In York County, over 15,000 children don’t have a consistent supply of nutritious foods. That’s nearly 16% of all of the kids in York!

Thank you, Living Word, for all of the ways you share your abundance with your neighbors in need. The Bible tells us that when we serve the least of these, it is as though we are serving God himself (Matthew 25:34-40).

If you are interested in other opportunities to serve with the York County Food Bank beyond this Food Drive, check that out here. We have slots for sorting boxes and distributing food during the months of October and November.