Get the Resources You Need (GROW: Part Four)

So, now you have the motivation, the direction, and the plan. Next, you need to have all the resources that make for a maximum time of learning.

The right resources will make your journey of growth much better. But lacking the resources you need will make it that much harder. And while I did not say this yesterday, part of a good learning plan involves identifying and finding the right resources.

We live in a time when incredible resources are so available. As I explain resources, remember that they will vary greatly depending on what your area of growth is.

The bottom line question you need to ask is this: What do I need to make progress in my area of interest? Here are some variations of that question.

What kind of SPACE do I need and where can I have access to that space?
Do you need a gym or a library or a kitchen or a quiet corner in your house or a workbench or…? If you need a library, may I recommend the one to the right of this paragraph!

When is the best TIME for me to learn? 
When will you be least interrupted and distracted? When will you have great access to use the space you need? Put it down on your schedule.

What sources of IDEATION do I need?
Sources may include books, magazines, Internet articles, journals, training manuals, CDs, DVDs, podcasts, software, apps, etc. Can I borrow them or should I buy them? How will I keep these resources organized? How will I keep track of my best ideas and insights from these sources?

What GEAR is needed (and/or) what SUPPLIES are needed?
A computer? Running shoes? A toolbox? What is essential to the field or discipline or interest that is your area for learning? Whatever it is, you need it to grow.

How much TIME do you need to improve (or really improve)?
Time is one of your most precious resources. What is truly exciting is that one hour a day, five days a week, for three years will cause you to become highly competent at what you are learning. Lots of time, but lots of time in shorter amounts sustained day after week after month–that is the way to awesome learning.

Side bar note: Do you know, with the time I just suggested, in five years’ time you can be fluent in German or French or Spanish or (pick a language other than Chinese!). If you are 20, that means by the time you are 40 you can speak English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian! By the time you are 40!!! That is the power of incremental, sustained learning. Over time it really adds up.

Or you can be really good at watching TV or playing computer solitaire or IM’ing your friends. We spend enormous amounts of time watching TV, engaging with social media, and playing video games.

See this website for one estimate on the time required to learn Spanish to proficiency!

What COSTS are involved and can I afford them?
Even though there are incredible resources that are virtually free, almost all growth will have some financial cost to you. Getting a college degree is one of the most expensive resources. Listening to TED talks on your computer is quite cheap! 
And . . .

The FINAL RESOURCE you need is tomorrow’s post . . . 
See you tomorrow as I finish up this week-long series of blogging on lifelong learning. 
I hope you continue to be energized about learning and growing.

Grace and wisdom,
Pastor Brian

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