Who We Support

Project Adopt A Village (PAAV)

In April of 2006, Living Word adopted our first village in Ethiopia: Sendafa. Sendafa is about 40 kilometers northeast of the capital, Addis Ababa, with an approximate population of 30,000.

The heart of our PAAV program is to practically demonstrate the compassion of Christ to the entire village through various projects and to strengthen the churches of the village. Our vision is to impact one entire village with the compassion of Christ and we know that the journey begins with one person.

Core to what we do in Sendafa is caring for over 450 people with HIV/AIDS. Our annual support in Sendafa includes supporting five PAAV employees, as well as sponsoring numerous projects to improve their village’s quality of life. We invest through projects like resourcing the village library, building public toilets, constructing church buildings, educating students, establishing vitamin programs for families, and helping the PAAV clients start self-sustaining businesses.


Ministry to Muslims

Our desire is to share the love of God throughout the world. There are few Christian missionaries serving in Muslim countries, and we believe that God has equipped us to serve globally and specifically in Muslim countries.

We have 12 missionaries serving throughout South America, Africa, South Central Asia, Southeast Asia, and diverse parts of the Middle East.

We dedicate nearly half of our global mission’s budget directly to this work. We want to do our part so that Muslims can know the redeeming love of Jesus. Our missionaries are doing a variety of things to share that love. They are training nationals from other countries who then go as missionaries into Muslim communities. They also share the Gospel through developing personal relationships with neighbors, business associates, and friends, which has opened the doors for conversations about Jesus.


Partnerships with Christian National Leaders

We have very significant partnerships with key churches, pastors, and national leaders globally in countries such as Guatemala, Ethiopia, Djibouti, India, Argentina, Iraq, and Holland.

Our aim is to help build and strengthen the local church in these countries and minister to the needs of the poor who are associated with their churches.

We have helped with setting up construction projects, conducting conferences, resourcing leaders, and reaching out to the poor and marginalized of the world.