Thursday Mornings in the Word ON SITE – Summer 2020

This mid-size community will meet ON SITE (with social distancing) Thursday mornings from 9-10 am beginning June 11 through the end of August, 2020.

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Thursdays, 9-10 am - Starts Thursday, June 11 Where: Life Center


Contact Kathy Crimmins at 717-755-0089 x 157
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  • What Will We Study This Summer?

    This Summer Living Word Community Church is on a JOURNEY. A Journey to Renewal. 

    Jeremiah 8:20 says, “The harvest is ended, the summer is over, and we are not saved (or healed or refreshed).” After a long and hard three months of CoVid-19, we do NOT want to go through three more months without the renewing presence of God falling on us. 

    Therefore, all summer, Living Word is seeking after God for his renewal work to fall upon us. 

    Our summer journey to renewal has three parts. 

    In JUNE, the focus is on resisting conformity to the world. RESIST is our calling and the post-Christian, secular WORLD and the times in which we live is our focus.  We are creating mid-size communities that will study DANIEL to learn the best lessons of resistance. 

    In JULY, the focus is on returning to the ways of God. RETURN is our calling and the CHURCH and its mission is our focus. What does it mean to be the church in a post-Christian culture. Our mid-size communities will study NEHEMIAH to learn the best lessons of returning and rebuilding. 

    In AUGUST the focus in on revival, being revived. REVIVE is our calling and the INDIVIDUAL follower of Jesus is the focus. What needs to happen in your life so you can be a part of a renewed missional church, having an impact on the world. The mid-size communities will study the most powerful times of revival/renewal in the Old Testament. 

    It is an exciting summer. 

    Thursdays in the Word is one of our mid-size communities and we are planning to restart Thursdays in the Word on June 11th. That is this coming week. We will meet from 9-10. The location is still to be determined when we know how many people will attend. We will carefully follow the best social distancing practices so you will be as safe as possible. 

    Pastor Gordon Carpenter will be the host of Thursdays in the Word. Pastors Brian Rice and Brian Newman will do much of the teaching. They will be joined by other pastors through the summer. 

    We hope you can be a part of Thursday in the Word. But, let us know right away. We also have more information on Reopening Living Word.