Growing as Worshippers || guest blog by Chris Smith

When you hear the word worship what comes to mind first?

Many people would say “the time of singing on Sundays” or “the music that we use to sing to God.”

It is natural for us to think of worship in these terms – singing, music, Sunday services. From the very beginning, Christians have gathered together each week, and when they did they sang. The Book of Psalms is a collection of poems that God’s people have sung for over 2,000 years. God has given us the gift of music as a means of expressing our hearts and emotions to him.

Worship is a core value at Living Word as we gather each week to sing and respond to God’s presence and Word. But worship also goes beyond Sundays and includes our whole lives. Worship is our response to God – all of us responding to all of who he is and what he has done.

As worship leaders, we want to see our community grow as worshippers – people who know, love, and follow God. People who are so moved by who God is and what he has done that they can’t help but want to respond in praise, no matter the season or circumstance. People known not just for great singing on Sundays, but great serving throughout the week. People growing in maturity, obedience, and love. People who are fueling their worship by spending time in God’s Word, in prayer, and with each other.

The Worship Collective is a 2-hour, casual learning environment designed to help you grow as a worshipper of God. Every Christian is a worshipper – not just those who can sing well! As worship leaders, we are excited to provide this learning environment because we believe that God wants each of us to grow in our understanding and practice of worship. He wants us to enjoy him, lift our hearts, and be aware of his presence as we worship.

The Worship Collective will feature short times of teaching, followed by group discussion, and then singing. While our Nights of Worship are meant to be extended times of singing, the Worship Collective is meant to be an extended time of learning.

If you are interested in growing as a worshipper, please consider registering for the Worship Collective. We have about 20 spots left for this fall’s class.

Chris Smith


The worship leaders on staff (Ryan, Diana, Jay and myself) recently attended a worship conference in Nashville. It was great to join with thousands of other worship leaders and pastors from all over the country to learn and grow as worshippers and leaders. The four of us had great conversation, received inspiration, and returned with some expanded perspectives. I know I speak for all of us when I say we are so grateful for the community of worshippers we have at Living Word. It is a joy to lead you in song each week and fix our eyes on Christ together.