Helping the People I Love Flourish

The Origins of One Idea That Matters Most to Me

Many (most) of you know I love to help people flourish. That theme gripped my heart and mind many years ago. A friend recently asked me how this idea grabbed hold of me. Good question!

My first answer is that the sovereign work of the Holy Spirit simply leads us to the truth–to the ideas, themes, and experiences we need (John 16:13). Usually they are dropped as seeds that take time to germinate and grow (James 1:21). Occasionally they explode like a Nova with sudden enlightening power and beauty (Ephesians 1:18; Matthew 4:16). Flourishing was a seed that slowly March21_blogbgrew, and then in a short period of time it exploded with energy in my life.

The seed was sown many years ago. By God’s grace, I simply always wanted to help people grow. I wanted to help people learn, mature, and become all they were meant to be.

Remember the idea in the sermon on March 12? We are human becomingsWe are not yet there. I want to help people get there.

That is why I teach, mentor, and provide spiritual direction. That is why I work as a leadership coach. That is why I make disciples. This theme and desire has been a part of me for about as far back as I can remember. I believe it was implanted in me when I became a Christian.

For many years, I had a focused interest in helping leaders grow to their full potential. I help those who help others. I teach those who teach others. I mentor those who lead others. I maximize the number of people I can help flourish by helping leaders (who then help others) flourish. While I love everyone, I can’t directly help everyone. So I help those who can help many others.March21_blogc

Do you remember the starfish washed up on the beach illustration? Click here to read it! I am trying to get as many people out on the beach to do for those starfish, what I cannot do. (Even starfish should flourish!)

Tomorrow I will share a few of the most transforming Scriptures God used to grow this idea in my life. But today, may it be a day of flourishing … a day of God’s abundance in your life … a day full of the mercies and love of God.

Pastor Brian

Brian Rice

What I love most about my job:

Having the ability to empower and resource leaders to bear much fruit that lasts. Being a part of a team of friends and missional servants committed to changing the world.
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