Holy Spirit, I Pray…

Some years ago I wrote a short article where I talked about praying to the Holy Spirit. Since then, I have had many people say they never knew they could “pray TO the Holy Spirit.”

I am not surprised.

It was not my normal practice either. It seemed natural to pray to the Father. After all, the Lord’s prayer shows us that. “Our Father in heaven…” Jesus models prayer to the Father.

And it seemed natural to pray to Jesus as well… and to worship Jesus, petition Jesus, confess to Jesus.

But the Spirit… not as much.

That needs to change. As I have been preaching and teaching on the Holy Spirit, and as the devotionals are being prepared, one of the desires for this is that you learn to PRAY to the Spirit. Not just pray in the Spirit, or pray through the Spirit – but pray to the Spirit about the work the Spirit does in your life.

Pastor Gordon lent me a copy of a little prayer book by Jack Levison, Holy Spirit, I Pray. I liked it so much, I went out and got a copy.

If you want to become more comfortable in praying to the Spirit, get this short book of prayers to the Spirit. And then use those prayers as your own prayer, and as you do, slowly add your own words and thoughts.

Soon you will be comfortable praying to the Spirit as well as praying in the Spirit.

Pastor Brian

Brian Rice
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