Servants: Home Helps



Contact Glenda Kelly at 717-755-0089 x 120

HOME HELPS VOLUNTEERS may build ramps, repair staircases, paint, install flooring, do yard work, perform indoor/outdoor maintenance, make electrical repairs, and more for low-income older adults, people with disabilities, and single parent homeowners. Projects are based on the number of people who sign up and upon the skills of those who sign up.

ADVANCE REGISTRATION (2-3 weeks prior to serving date) IS TYPICALLY REQUIRED to make the necessary arrangements for the project, having all the materials available and on the job site. 

WORKSITE DRESS: Closed-toed shoes or boots, long pants or knee-length shorts, long-sleeved shirts (recommended, not required), and modest tops. Performing construction-type work requires appropriate dress for safety. Bring work gloves and safety glasses (if you have them).

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