How Life Will Work Really Well For You

We are surrounded with the conventional and prevailing opinions of our times.

Every day, these ideas are imprinted on us. They are in the air we breathe. We don’t ever escape from these opinions. In fact, the opinions are so prevalent, they have become more than opinions, they have become our WAY.

Here is one of the most powerful and widely accepted opinions/ways of our time:

What matters most is that you get your way. You are most important.

What you want matters most. What you believe is your truth. What you think about anything is what counts. And just like Frank Sinatra did it his way, so should you. You are at the center of your world. The world does indeed revolve around you. Because you are, according to Invictus, the “master of your fate and the captain of your soul.” In the novel by Tom Wolfe, The Master of Your Universe, what you want matters most.

Or at least until you run into another master of the universe. Like your spouse. Or your kid. Or your co-worker. Or your boss (especially your boss). Or the New England Patriots. Or the police officer with the flashing red light. Or the politician you don’t like. Or the neighbor who bugs you. Or that person from another race. Or, or, or …

And are there ever a lot of or’s.

Can we just all, for a minute, find some sanity and first just laugh really hard at how ridiculously stupid that piece of prevailing opinion is. Then, after a good laugh, sincerely repent from such foolishness. And finally, long for a FAR better way–like the way of Jesus.

Life is not about you being your own master of the universe so you can get your way.

Life is about the real Master of the Universe (Jesus) getting his WAY into you.

What is his way? It is the way of humble service, radical love, generous grace, lavish mercy, prophetic truth, pure holiness, extraordinary dignity, and wide open arms of invitation to EVERYONE to believe Jesus who is the Way, Truth, and the Life, and to walk on that narrow road way.

The more Jesus gets his way into you, the more you will find peace, joy, hope, love, and all good things. The more you will flourish. The more difference you will make for others. The more life is going to work out.

So, today, a really (and I do mean really) good prayer to pray is this:

Jesus have your way in my life. Jesus, get your way in my life. Jesus put your way into my life.

Pastor Brian

P.S. You are probably going to need to say this prayer again tomorrow, and the day after that. In fact, just make this a daily prayer for the next decade or so. You’ll be glad you did.

P.P.S. The Invictus poem became famous through the movie, by that name, about Nelson Mandela. The poem gave him the will to survive in his long prison years on Robben Island. I mean no disrespect at all to Mandela. In fact, I consider him one of the great servants of peace and reconciliation in modern times.

P.P.P.S. I would not mind at all if the New England Patriots were not the masters this year of the NFL universe. How about you?

Brian Rice
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