Hurricane Harvey Relief Work to Start in January


In August 2017, Hurricane Harvey became the costliest storm to ever hit the U.S. mainland.

Living Word has been involved in hurricane and disaster relief in the past, so we knew we were going to be involved helping out this time as well.

We also knew that there is always an immediate and usually intense response of compassion and funding to help the victims of such storms.

And finally, we knew that after several months the storm and its damage are history and the attention of the American public has moved on … even though the need for rebuilding and support remains great. We are committed to being involved when the initial fervor dies down.

We are working with Servants (based in Red Lion), which has a disaster recovery ministry. Through Servants, Living Word and other area churches will start sending teams of workers to Vidor, Texas (outside Beaumont and Houston) beginning in February.

We are in the midst of our Christmas season, but as soon as January is here we will begin to communicate opportunities for how you can help those who are still suffering from the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey.

We have also set aside part of our Christmas Eve Offering toward this work.

Pastor Brian

Brian Rice