In the Beginning Was the Conversation

You know what a monologue is—it’s when one person just talks and talks and talks. On Sunday, we call it preaching!

A duologue is when two people talk and talk and talk at each other, past each other, over each other. It’s two monologues going on at the same time. I don’t want to project my pet peeves onto others, but so many of the talk show programs (with multiple hosts) are duologues. The same occurs with some of the sports commentary I listen to on ESPN. They’re just missing fundamental conversation skills.

A dialogue is when two people talk with one another—not at, not over, not against, not while, but talk WITH. Taking turns. Listening. Reflecting. Discussing.

Jesus is always launching conversations. I like that word so much, I used it as the title of my primary workbook on spiritual formation.

John 1:1 tells us that in the beginning was the Word-Logos and the Word-Logos was with God and the Word-Logos was God. Jesus is the Word. The Greek is Logos. Jesus is the Logos. The deep meaning of Logos is not simply a static Word. Rather, Logos is a conversation. Jesus is the conversation God wants you to join.

I wonder what that conversation will be like for you today?

Converse away. Listen. Talk. Share. Connect. Commune. Reflect. Discern. Pray. And much more. It is all part of the Logos-Word-Conversation we get to have with Jesus.

Conversationally yours in this monologue called a post,
Pastor Brian

Brian Rice