It Works Both Ways

What do I mean by that? Eugene Peterson has greatly influenced me on the Better Way of Jesus.

Jesus is the Way.

Jesus shows us the Way.

Jesus walks with us on the Way.

We do life together with Jesus on the Way.

John 14:6 begins with Jesus saying, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.”

John 14:6 ends with Jesus saying, “No one comes to the Father apart from me.”

Peterson says, “The way we come to God is the way God comes to us. God comes to us in Jesus; we come to God in Jesus.”

It is the same way. Because God himself is the Way. Because Jesus himself is God the Way. In other words, very quickly, in fact, immediately, you find God and more of God on the Way. God is not a far distant goal or reality you will experience only after a long time of walking. You encounter God right away! And always. (Notice how those two words build on the word “way.”)

This is why first we choose to make our way, and once we are on the way, the Way Makes Us.

Way making is soul shaping. Way making is life creating.

Jesus as the God-Way, God-Truth, and God-Life is all described in John chapter one. John 14:6 is simply a nice summary.

Once you are on the Better Way of Jesus, you discover God EVERYWHERE on the Way because God is the Way.

Today, as you are on the Better Way of Jesus, you can get busy living because the Way is the Way of Life.

Pastor Brian

Brian Rice