Jesus is the Chief Everything Officer

For so many Sunday messages it feels like I can only cover the part of the iceberg that’s above the water. Most of what needs to be said remains unsaid, hidden under the water.

Certainly our series, reJesus: Stories, Words, Encounters, creates that experience for me.

This past Sunday’s Jesus is King, Lord, Entrepreneur of God’s in-breaking kingdom, Chief Everything Officer, and most simply, the One Who is in Charge (or Should be in Charge) sermon was like that. It felt like I barely scratched the surface of a vast terrain.

I became a Christian in 1974. At the core of my becoming a Christian was the intentional decision that I had been in charge of my life. It was increasingly obvious, even at age 19, that I was not competent enough to be in charge of the vast and beautiful thing called my life.

Therefore, I was already making choices and decisions, coming to conclusions, and moving in directions that were harmful to me and to others. I was already discouraged and already pessimistic about my future. I was already looking for relief and escape in distractions and entertainments that were not good for me. I cannot even imagine walking that way for another 5 to 6 years.

Well, actually I can, for that is what the quarter-life crisis of the millennials is all about. I was headed down that road and, with just a few more years, would have had their experience as my own.

So, I realized that my being in control was not working. The old (and now, quite dated) Four Spiritual Laws booklet had an image that resonated for me. In one circle was a throne with “self” seated on the throne, and that life was in disarray. That was me.

Then another image had Jesus on the throne, the self-ego following, trusting Jesus, and life being reordered and set right and good. That was the life I wanted.

So, my initial commitment to Christ was basically, “Jesus it is time for you to be in charge. I need to be forgiven for what I have done that is wrong. But I also need someone else to be in charge.” Back then I used the language of, “Lord Jesus, I need you to be Lord.” I still use that language for myself.

But lots of words can be the container to hold the meaning of Christ in charge of everything.

I believe this is one of the most defining themes of the Christian life.

Jesus is in charge. I am not. Neither are you.

Jesus’ way is what I pray to be my way.
Jesus’ will is what I pray to be my will.

It will be my joy to say, your will, your way, ALWAYS. We sang that song on Sunday. It is a good song. It is a good prayer. It is a good choice. It is a choice we need to make once to launch us on the path, then make often to keep us on the path.

Today, may Jesus be the Chief Everything Officer/Lover of your life.

Pastor Brian


Brian Rice