Katalasso Serves the Vulnerable

For the estimated 44,000 people in York County without health insurance, a trip to the doctor can be yet another bill they cannot afford. But at Katalasso Family Health Center, each patient is seen as someone valued, unique, and made in the image of God. “If you’re human and you have need, we’re going to serve you,” says Director of Development Steve Kurtz.

In its 8-year history, Katalasso has seen over 3,000 unique patients; 60% of those come from outside York City, 40% from within. Their uninsured and underinsured patients are seen by a group of 25-30 volunteer doctors and nurses. It is these volunteers who inspire Kurtz. “They come in totally donating their time.” Healthcare providers spend a lot of time with patients to build a relationship of trust. Where a traditional doctor’s office limits the span of an office visit, it is common for doctors at Katalasso to spend 30 minutes one-on-one with a patient, listening to their needs.

Many patients are managing routine heathcare issues like diabetes and high blood pressure. These underlying conditions made the population Katalasso serves much more likely to suffer complications from COVID-19.

They have recently started offering counseling services as well. Julie Maduforo, Katallasso’s Clinical Coordinator and Professional Counselor, sees patients and is able to treat the whole person, beyond just the physical.

Katalasso also offers routine dental and vision appointments onsite.

Katalasso has cultivated a great relationship with WellSpan Health. WellSpan recently donated an expensive computer system that merges Katalasso’s records with WellSpan, making it seamless to transfer patients into WellSpan’s system if they need additional care or lab work. Katalasso also recently added a Language Line system that serves the 40% of their patients who speak languages other than English.

COVID-19 did affect the number of patients they see. In 2019, they saw about 2,049 patients, but this number was down to about 1,800 in 2020. They also set up a COVID-19 testing site down the street at Lincoln Charter School.

Through our Christmas Eve Offering, Living Word provided $25,000 to Katalasso to fund the salary of a nurse, Judy.

If you are in need of healthcare services and do not have insurance, please contact Katalasso at 717-885-5637.

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