Leadership Matters

Good leadership matters a great deal, to God and to others.

6 Sunday morning messages on Leading, Loving, and Serving in the Way of Jesus.
40 days of conversations with you on a most important theme.

In 40 days, you can learn a great deal. In 40 days, you can experience a lot of change. In 40 days, the seeds can be sown and growth launched for new levels of influence in the world around you. (By the way, I am not going to have posts and thoughts on leadership every day over the next 40 days. I just want you to be having conversations with God, with friends, with people at work, and with your self about leadership).

Leadership. It’s a big idea. It is a “thick idea,” which means it is loaded with substance, layers, overtones, and possibilities.

Leadership. It’s everywhere around you.

Leadership affects us all. Leaders everywhere are leading in ways that shape us. They make decisions that affect us. They initiate change that impacts us. They set forces in motion that have a ripple effect for long years to come.

Leadership. It is the use of power (ability, capacity, energy, resources, gifts, talents, knowledge, experience) and authority (the right that comes from a position or role). When you put power and authority together you have leadership.

In the Greek language, there is a word that combines the ideas of power and authority. It is the word exousia. It is the word Jesus uses in Matthew 28:18-20 when he says, “All exousia in heaven and earth has been given to me. Therefore, go and make disciples…” The implication is that Jesus gives to his disciples his own exousia.

Good leadership is the good and appropriate use of power and authority.

Bad leadership is the misuse or abuse of power and authority.

Good leadership leads for the essential purpose of helping the world flourish (Psalm 115:14). Good leadership is infused with the qualities of love and service (Mark 10:42-45). Good leadership has its source in a deep connection with God, the One from whom all blessings flow.

The world needs leadership like this. It is hard. It is not a once and done deal. It must be sustained. Such leadership needs the daily infusion of God’s grace.

At the local level, in our homes, in our community, in our church, in our county – we can have a great deal of connection and accountability. We do life together. We rub shoulders as we go about daily business. We see each other. We interact with one another. We can (and must) pray for those who lead us. We can (and must) accept the high levels of responsibility that go with leadership. We can (and must) have systems of accountability in place. We can (and must) be one another’s keepers (a reference to Cain and Abel).

Let’s hold one another to the highest standard we can, for godly and good leadership that makes a difference.

Let’s pray for one another, that God would grace us with the exousia we need, so the world will flourish.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Brian


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