Lessons from a Sailor on “Catching the Wind”

In the first message on the Spirit, we talked about the RUACH of God. Ruach is the Hebrew word that is translated as: Spirit, spirit, breath, and wind.

I used the illustration of having our sails up and ready, to catch the wind when it starts blowing.

Afterwards, a number of people told me how much they liked this metaphor, and it won’t surprise you, but the most enthusiastic were sailors (whether current or in the past).

One of my friends, David Hogg, told me it really sent his mind back to all the lessons he had learned, as a sailor, for working with the wind. Dave put together some of those thoughts and I asked his permission to share them with you.

Dave said fine, and so here they are. And I want to tell you, as a speed boat kind of guy, who never hoisted a sail in my life – I found it so powerful. I can only imagine being out there in person, having the real experience.

I have attached it as a PDF for you: Observations on SPIRIT

Pastor Brian

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