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The Counseling Center at Living Word recently added coaching services. Our three certified life coaches—Rebecca Rice, John Hilliard, and Gordon Carpenter—sat down this week to discuss what coaching offers and who would benefit from working with a life coach.

“Counseling is when you hit the difficulties of life; coaching is when you have an area where you want to see focused improvement,” said Rebecca Rice, director of the Counseling Center.

John Hilliard comes to coaching from years at a Fortune 100 company. While mentoring others and helping them navigate challenges at work, his mentees would often want to discuss issues outside of their jobs, like balancing family, work, and their own expectations. Women often wanted to discuss, “How do you manage a business that has lots of requirements and have your own life, too?”

Gordon Carpenter comes from a background in teaching and spiritual direction. “There is something about working with people one-on-one and being a companion. Part of coaching is that you are a companion during transitions.” He brings a spiritual element into his coaching sessions with great emphasis on spiritual disciplines. “For me, it’s always been [about] spiritual tools that help us to deal with our physical well-being and our emotional well-being. I’ve always gravitated to those spiritual habits because they have shaped my life and I have seen how they help people.”

Rebecca Rice started coaching 15 years into her counseling career. “I was finding that—mostly for women—when they would hit those dynamics of how to handle work and home and marriage and kids, [they would ask] how do I live well? How do I love well? Those are the dynamics I would focus on in coaching.” She found that she liked helping women figure out how to do careers and life well.

When you have a session with one of our life coaches, you can expect accountability and a path forward. ”People come to counseling once the bottom has fallen out. There is a lot of rebuilding to do,” Rice says. “In coaching, the question is how forward thinking are you in terms of what you want your life to look like? Are you aware that it can be better?”

You can expect accountability from your coach, and a plan on how to make concrete changes in your life. Carpenter adds, ”The big question we will ask is that you have to be intentional. How are you going to do that?”

Coaching is all about inviting you to imagine the possibilities of what you could be. If you feel like life coaching is a good fit for you, call the Counseling Center at 717-893-2336.

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