Life is Constant Adjustment

Life is in motion. Life is swirling, changing, evolving, dancing, flowing–and that’s what you need to do as well.

God is on the move. The Spirit, like the wind, courses through this world, uncontrolled, unforced, unencumbered. You need to do so as well.

Following Jesus is a journey, a process, and, hopefully, a progress. “Come follow me,” Jesus says, and then he’s on the move, going places the disciples did not anticipate, designing encounters they did not foresee, meeting people who were not on their agenda (like women, Samaritans, Roman soldiers, the demonized, children…).

To follow Jesus means to hold life loosely.

To follow Jesus means living is a constant adjustment, a daily course correction, an hour by hour aligning to the North Star.

Life is not static, nor is it predictable. Accidents happen.

Life is not mistake free, nor will it ever be.

Life is not fixed in cement or cast in iron. Interruptions intrude, sometimes rudely. Change is constant. One blunt suggestion comes from Ralph Marston: “If something goes wrong, don’t whine about it. Have a spine about it. Adjust, adapt, and move forward.”

So yes, make plans. Make the best plans you can. Work as hard as you can to put your plan into practice.

So yes, be disciplined, focused, highly intentional, fully committed, persevering, and not giving up when things are hard.

AND pay attention, discern the times, attend to the moving Spirit, adjust and adapt, trim the sails, catch the wind, and as you do, the Blessed Life will emerge.

Pastor Brian

Brian Rice
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