Major and Minor – There is a Difference

I am not talking about baseball. I am talking about life. I am talking about what matters and what doesn’t matter. Or what matters a great deal and what doesn’t matter as much.

Not all things in life are equal. Some things in life are supremely important, most things are not.

You’ve heard before, “Don’t major on the minors.” Good advice.

You’ve heard before, “What matters most, must matter more.” Good advice.

You’ve heard before, “Keep the main thing the main thing.” Good advice.

You’ve heard before, “First things first,” which implies second things second and tenth things tenth. Good advice.

Not everything can matter equally. You don’t have enough time or energy for everything to matter equally. That’s okay. For the things that matter most, do those with excellence and great love. For things that don’t matter as much, well, they don’t matter as much, so don’t invest as much in them.

We each have to choose to be really good at what matters.
We then have to be okay with being just average at most things,
and actually, below average in many things.

When it comes to the use of any tool, I am, sadly, below average. Well below average. Which is why I have good connections with those wonderful, real men known as contractors. Bless you, my friends.

You will be great in some things and you will be good at many things. These are the Majors. You will be average at most things. These are the Minors. And yes, you will be below average at quite a few things. On those things, don’t even get into the game!

Wisdom is knowing what matters most and getting really, really good at making it matter even more.

It matters for your personal life. It is needed for your family. And it is part of my work as Lead Pastor of Living Word to help us discern what matters most, what must matter more, and what things we must simply say are not for us. And that’s okay.

Seeking such major league wisdom with you,
Pastor Brian



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