Making Every Effort (A Sunday Night Workshop)

This Sunday, February 9, 5:00-6:30 pm, Becky and I will facilitate a workshop that explores the role we all have in the character formation process. LEARN MORE & REGISTER →

I can’t begin to emphasize just how important this topic is.

Many followers of Jesus are confused about how transformation takes place. They don’t know what God’s role is, or what their role is, or how these roles converge.

The Bible is very clear that God’s role is sovereign, supreme, always initiating, and always gracious. His role is also transformative. God is always reaching out to us. His helping hand is always there. God is the Lord our Ezer (or our Helper). But notice, HELP implies a cooperative work. Even when the help is supernaturally powerful, it is still help.

God’s grace does not eliminate our responsibility. God’s grace empowers and makes possible our responsive partnership.

Grace is NOT opposed to EFFORT.
Grace is ALWAYS opposed to EARNING.

Therefore, God says to make every effort.
Press on and keep pressing on.
Work hard.
Put off and put on.
Be filled with the Spirit.
Do not grieve and do not quench that Spirit.
Keep in step with the Spirit.
Bear much fruit.
Love. Serve.
Follow. Trust. Obey.

The list of instructions, exhortations, and commands are all given as the guiding framework for the responsible and responsive, collaborative and cooperative, work we have together with God on the road to character.

Our workshop will primarily focus on the EVERY EFFORT we are to make.

  • We’ll look at the change process and see why it is hard.
  • We’ll look at those either pesky or helpful things called habits and why they are hard to break and hard to establish, especially habits of the heart.
  • We will map out for you the biblical model of transformation and add the best insights from education (training and learning), psychology, coaching, and counseling.

This will be very practical and our goal is that you leave with a game plan for your ongoing journey on the road to character.

Visit the website for details. It will help us prepare if you sign up. If you forget, you can still show up.

May the power of Christ be with you and may you respond in trust and obedience to the work he is doing in you.

Pastor Brian

Brian Rice