Making the Stretch

“Not in his goals but in his transitions man is great” (Ralph Waldo Emerson).

Okay, I generally do not like either-or language. I am a lumper. I am a joiner. I am a both-and thinker. So here, Emerson has created a needless either-or, when he could have just made a great both-and.

“Not only in our goals, but in our transitions as well, are we great.”

So, with that reframing, what was Emerson getting at? I think it was this. It is one thing to have goals, it is quite another to actually reach them. It is one thing to have a powerful and inspiring vision of the future, it is quite another to go through the changes and transitions to actually achieve them.

Every vision and every goal requires a process of change.

Every step of the journey to the destination brings you to new places, new territories, new phases, and usually new problems and difficulties. It is moving through these transitions well that gets you to where you desire to go.

Look at this image. What do you feel when you see it? Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like this? Are you in a time when it feels like this is what you are doing?

Sometimes we must stretch, and even really stretch. We must get outside of comfort zones where we are safe and secure. Depending on your ability to tolerate risk and uncertainty, and depending on your surrounding network, you will or will not make the stretch and go through a transition to the next season of life.

Living Word is here to help you make the stretch.

We’ll do it together.

In fact, Living Word, just like every church in the 21st century, must make the stretch as we chart new territory of an increasingly post-Christian culture.

We’ll do that together as well.

Stretching alongside you,
Pastor Brian


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