Best Practices About the Coronavirus at LWCC

Certainly the NUMBER ONE item in the global news is the coronavirus and all things related to it… like the impact on the global economy.

Of course, everyone is wondering to what extent a pandemic may occur with this virus.

While I am not positioned to make an expert opinion on that, I can tell you that Living Word takes this virus seriously, and we want to be extra careful while this virus is as prevalent as it is right now.

It is inevitable that the virus will spread in the United States. Some news out of China is that with very aggressive response to the virus, numbers may be on the decline.

This is a case of a pound of prevention being much better than a ton of cure.

Generally, it is good to start with the most expert opinions in the world. I am perfectly fine if the medical experts want us to err on the side of caution. That, for me, is common sense. I want to be careful, cautious, and still generally live my public life.

I recommend you spend some time checking out what the World Health Organization has to say.

I also recommend following the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

In particular, give extra attention to good basic practices you would follow for any respiratory/flu illness. We are often more lax than we should be when we are sick. This is NOT a time to be lax. Be more diligent.

Especially when you are in public, like at Living Word.

If you are sick, stay home. It is better to miss work or church (or small group or mid-size community) than to infect others with anything.

If you are older, more limited social interactions are recommended at this time.

If you are sick on Sunday, check out Living Word Online. Just go to the website home page or use the church app.

When you are in public, perhaps keep a little more social distance.

Avoid shaking hands.

Use hand sanitizer. Buy stock in hand sanitizer companies(!) We have several more dispensers set up in the lobby.

We will pay extra attention to disinfecting important areas of the church.

Right now, we suggest more vigilance about commonsense best practices.

We have a wonderful resource with our medical practitioners who are a part of Living Word, and we will keep in regular conversation with them about best practices.

If things change with the coronavirus we will, of course, adjust our response.

Pastor Brian


Brian Rice