Merge - A Community of Women

Women of all ages are invited to explore God’s Word and grow in friendship together as we continue our “How To” series in the winter/spring of 2021. ONSITE and ONLINE options are available for ease in participation. In the fall we discovered “How to Care for Our Souls.” Now, after a holiday break, we will return on January 12 & 13, 2021. Our “How To” study will run from mid-January to late-April and include several weeks on each of these life-giving themes:

HOW TO – have healthy conversations with God and others:

With God: How to talk to and with God. We will discover the beauty of prayer, using the Lord’s Prayer as our example.

With others: Learn how to address difficult issues like life, death, quarrels, disagreements, etc.

HOW TO – share my faith:

Creative ways to talk about faith: with those who do not share our trust, hope, belief in Jesus.

But how do I share my story? The Bible encourages us to, “be ready to speak up and tell anyone who asks why you’re living the way you are, and always with the utmost courtesy” 1 Peter 3:15 (MSG). Unfortunately, many of us do not know how to take our life experience and turn it into a “share-able” story. We will discover how to confidently (and courteously!) share our personal stories that point to the goodness of God, regardless of whether we have 2 minutes, 10, 20, or longer.

HOW TO – study the Bible deeply:

With our hearts and our minds: God’s Word guides us in every part of life. Learn to seek.

With purpose, perspective, patience, process, and prayer: Jen Wilkin, Women of the Word.

We personally invite you to keep growing in every season of life. Select the icon below for evening or morning times with onsite and online options. And we hope to see you in person, or virtually, soon.

With tender care and prayers,

Connie Milchling

Director | LW Women | Pastoral Care Team Member


Contact Sherri Keller at 717-755-0089 x 105