Amazed At His Words

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October 4, 2020

  • Daily Devotional
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    Week Four

    Day One

    John 1:1-5, 14; 8:31-33; 17:14-19; Matthew 7:28-29

    It is simply impossible to understand who I am and what I do apart from the Word of God (i.e., the Bible, the scriptures, the Old and New Testaments, the Word, the Truth). I read and study the Bible almost every day and I’ve been doing it for 45 years. I’ve worn out Bibles. I’ve read through the Bible in over 15 translations.

    I reflect on scripture and I diligently seek to live and apply the teaching of the Bible. The Word of God has renewed my mind. The Truth of God has become the worldview by which I interpret all of life. And everything I just said about myself should be the norm for every Christian. If you want a bonus scripture, read just how much the psalmist loves God’s words in Psalm 119.

    The Word of God is our life because JESUS is the living word of God who speaks the words of God into our heart and mind. We do not live by bread alone, we live by God’s Word. As you read each of the verses, what do you learn about God’s Word? As you think through these passages, what new commitment do you need for a greater commitment to reading, studying, and obeying God’s Truth?

    Are there any up-to-date words of Jesus that he is speaking to you? It is your great privilege as a child of God and friend of Jesus to hear personally from Jesus. Pay attention to what he is saying to you today and every day.

    As you read each chapter this week, keep these reflection questions in mind:
    • What does this chapter teach me about Jesus’ character?
    • What does this chapter teach me about what Jesus is doing?
    • What difference will reading this chapter make in my life?
    • What does this chapter tell me about what Jesus wants from me?

    Then pray and look to “practice the presence and pursue the purposes of Jesus” according to what you have read.

    Day Two

    Luke 13

    What is the kingdom of God like? Jesus’ followers are still asking that question today. Thankfully, Jesus gives us metaphors in Luke 13. Tiny seeds lead to flourishing forests. A little bit of yeast transforms a huge amount of dough. What do you think Jesus is describing in these parables?

    Day Three

    Luke 14

    Once again, Jesus reminds his disciples that it is costly to follow him. How does verse 26 make you feel? Have you ever faced consequences for following Jesus? Jesus said that to follow him we must give up everything. What is God asking you to give up?

    Day Four

    Luke 15

    Jesus was criticized for the company he kept. He welcomed sinners. He ate with them. But the parables in this chapter remind us of Jesus’ careful concern for the lost. Do you share this same concern? What does this chapter teach you about what Jesus’ values?

    Day Five

    John 6

    Here we find Jesus’ miraculous feeding of the five thousand. This chapter is a comforting reminder that Jesus cares for the physical needs of his people. The chapter also includes a lot of rich theology about who Jesus is and his purpose on earth. Pay close attention to verses 35 and 48. Why do you think Jesus repeats himself?

    Later in the chapter, Jesus’ “hard teaching” causes him to lose followers. How do you feel about Peter’s words in verse 68? Are they true of you in your life?

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