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    Deep: Mature, complete, and whole.

    Deep: Solid and substantial.

    Deep: Meaningful and weighty.

    Deep: Advanced and profound.

    This is what it means to be deep. Deep church will have these qualities and features.

    Read Ephesians 3:19; 4:11-13, 15; 5:25-27. While there are a number of references, the total amount of text is not a lot. Read each passage and see the description provided for what a deep church looks like. Jot down the most important qualities that are part of a deep church.

    Deep is much more a matter of receiving than it is of content. It is what happens when you receive any good content, simple or complex, theoretical or practical. Deep happens when you receive something, reflect on it, process it, integrate it into your life, and find ways to apply it. Deep is what happens in a process of experience and integration of truth.

    How deep do you want to go? How deep do you want to help Living Word go?


    Growing Deep: How are you doing? Where do you sense Jesus inviting you to take the next steps to go deeper?


    Read Philippians 3:7-16. This is the commitment of Paul to go as deep and far as he can, following Jesus.

    Read Colossians 1:28-2:1. This is the heart of Paul to help others go deep in their journey with Jesus.

    What are the best lessons learned about Paul’s commitment to go deep (personally) and to help others go deep as well?

    This is what the staff of Living Word is committed to being and to doing. This is what the wide variety of programs and ministries at Living Word are designed to do. We will help you go as deep and as far as you want. We are here for you to flourish as a fully formed follower of Jesus.


    The gifts you give support ministries that meet the physical and spiritual needs of people who attend our church and others here in York, in our region, and around the world.

    Here are a few practical and spiritual steps to help you move from occasional giving to consistent generosity as a habit of the heart.

    1. Determine what you want to give and the rhythm through prayer and reflection. Many of us are stressed financially because of the cultural norm of overspending. Find support and guidance on your budget at Financial Peace University at
    2. Double check your motives. We give out of love, belief, commitment, and connection. Ask Jesus to give you a great love for the church he loves.
    3. Start giving. Here are the simple ways you can make a gift to Living Word:

    Online: Set up a recurring or one-time gift on our website at, or in the church app, available on all mobile platforms. Download at

    Sunday Offering: Place a check or cash in the offering basket during a worship service.

    Your gifts support the following initiatives:

    General Fund: Supports the local ministry and operation of Living Word.

    Missions Fund (Faith Promise): Supports missionaries, international projects, and programs.

    Building Fund (Best Is Yet To Come Capital Campaign): Supports the recent expansion and renovation of our building.

    Questions? Contact Scott Naylor at or call x 101.

    Living Word Community Church is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, so gifts given to LWCC are deductible if you itemize when filing your tax return.

    What holds you back from growing deeper?

    What do you most need if you are to go deeper?


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