Experiencing God In The Time Of Corona

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March 29, 2020

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    Day 1 

    Read Psalm 13.   There are times when we wonder what God is doing—when things seem out of control, when it feels like we are being treated unfairly, when it seems like God has forgotten us. David knew what it was like to feel this way, and he was able to share those thoughts with God. David needed help! And he expressed as much to God.  This psalm is a song of lament, an expression of sorrow or grief.   But then, David’s attitude changes.   Notice how, once David has expressed his thoughts to God, he moves into a posture of trust. “But I trust in your unfailing love,” he says in verse 5. Trusting God is a choice. Our faith and trust in God is what sustains us in times of trouble. David acknowledges the way he is feeling, but he doesn’t stay there. He moves toward trust.    Reflect: In today’s passage, David is feeling anxiety. He feels like God has forgotten him. Have you ever felt this way? Are you feeling this way now?  Pray: Take a few moments at the start of your prayer time to share your honest thoughts with God during this time of disruption. Are you mourning a loss? Do you feel forgotten? Are you anxious? Are you sorrowful? Name your emotions to God.    Then, like David, move into a time of trust. Reaffirm your confidence in God’s steadfast love.   

     Day 2 

    Read Psalm 16.   Psalm 16 is a song of confidence! David says that God is his security (v. 1), well-being (v. 2), and loyalty (v. 4).   In verse 5, he also trusts God as his portion, for his daily sustaining energy. Later, in the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew, we learn that God supplies our daily bread (Matthew 6:11). It’s easy to feel like things depend on us, that we are the ones ultimately responsible for our well-being. But scripture teaches that we are dependent on God and that no need is too small to share with God.   Richard Foster writes, “Try to imagine what our prayer experience would be like if he had forbidden us to ask for the little things. What if the only things we were allowed to talk about were the weighty matters, the important things, the profound issues? … But the opposite is true: he welcomes us with our 1,001 trifles, for they are each important to him.”   God holds our future and our daily needs. You can trust him to provide.    Reflect: What do you need today to sustain you? What is your “daily bread” for today? Energy to serve your family? Patience and grace as you navigate new rhythms with your coworkers? Trust for financial provision?   Pray: Look back on your life and thank God for faithfully sustaining you through your journey. Humbly ask him to provide for you. Reaffirm your trust that he will supply your daily needs.   

    Day 3 

    Read Psalm 23.   Psalm 23 is one of the most well-known psalms, and for very good reasons. It speaks of total trust in God as our shepherd and friend.    Shepherds take care of their flocks. They have compassion for them. They provide for their needs. When Jesus saw the crowds in Matthew 9:36, he took compassion on them because, “They were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.”    David was a shepherd himself. He knew the intimate, caring, all-consuming love that a good shepherd has for his sheep. God, as our shepherd, guides us on our journey with faithful care and compassion.    Psalm 23 contains powerful images of green pastures in the midst of dry desert land. Shepherds in David’s time would’ve led their sheep to these places, where they could be well-fed and sustained. God, as our good shepherd, leads us to green pastures, even when everything around us looks like a desert.     Reflect: Are you in a desert now? How has God led you with tender care? Reflect on the compassionate care that God shows to you.    Pray: Surrender to God’s leading. Ask him to reveal green pastures to you in the midst of your desert time. Praise him for his tender care while you make your way on your journey.   

    Day 4 

    Read Psalm 27.   There are so many things to fear in the world. In our current moment, we fear for our health and the health of those we love. We fear the uncertainty surrounding our future. We fear for our financial stability and the future of our jobs.    There are so many things to fear.   And yet, Psalm 27 tells us that with God, we have nothing to fear. This psalm lists some major fears: armies, evil doers, adversaries, and foes. Despite all of this, David was confident that God would take care of him and lead him to triumph over these enemies.    We may not face an advancing army, but we do have a long list of fears. David reminds us that God’s goodness will prevail. We, like David, will see “the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” Like David, we trust and wait on the Lord.    Reflect: Do you have fears? Name them. Be honest with how you are feeling, then take those fears to God.   Pray: Use Psalm 27:13-14 as your prayer today. Ask God to give you faith to trust in his promises, even when you have doubts.    

     Day 5 

    Read Psalm 42.   In our current moment, we can certainly understand how David was feeling in Psalm 42. Because of his circumstances, he was unable to attend worship at the central sanctuary. Because of this, he was missing God’s presence and mourning that he couldn’t worship in the way he was used to. We might be feeling the same way in our time of social distancing!   Thankfully, for both David and us, God does not practice social distancing. David is, once again, in dire straits. His enemies are surrounding him, taunting him for his faith in God. The storms around him just aren’t letting up, and he’s feeling overcome. But even when he feels like he’s drowning in his sorrows, David’s faith keeps rising to the surface.   Notice that David’s circumstances haven’t changed. He’s still away from his place of worship. He’s still in danger. But even in these challenging times, David chooses to hope in God and praise him.    Reflect: Is there a favorite worship song that inspires you to trust God? Spend a few moments listening to music, singing along (if you want!), and putting your trust in God.    Pray: Pray verse 11 from The Message as your prayer today:   

    Why are you down in the dumps, dear soul?     Why are you crying the blues? Fix my eyes on God—     soon I’ll be praising again. He puts a smile on my face.     He’s my God. 


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