When You Need to Be Amazed, God is Beautiful

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October 29, 2017

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    One thing I ask from the Lord, this only do I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze on the beauty of the Lord and to seek him in his temple. Psalm 27:4

    The human heart is made to worship. You will always worship something. In worship you see the beauty of God. In worship you experience something far greater than yourself. In worship you are connecting with transcendence, majesty, glory, splendor, magnificence. Therefore, in worship, you experience wonder and awe.

    This is what the Psalmist describes as “deep calling to deep” (Psalm 42:7). This is what the Teacher describes as “eternity in the heart” (Ecclesiastes 3:11).

    The beauty of the Lord is the fullness of God. The beauty of the Lord is the total sum of God’s perfection. The beauty of the Lord is all of the many qualities of God interacting and weaving with each other and culminating in a fullness of substance, which can only be described as GLORIOUS.

    You are made to be amazed. You are meant to be in awe of the beauty of God. You must experience wonder and worship.

    As we finish our Search series, your daily reflections for the week have a single focus and purpose. They are designed for you to experience God—see God, enjoy God, rest in God, be moved by the great glory of God. May you be quiet in the presence of the Lord. And may you rejoice in the presence of the Lord.

    For each passage this week, read the verses slowly. For every word or phrase that speaks to your heart, use those words to form your own words of prayer, praise, gratitude, worship, and wonder. In between your words of prayer and praise, enjoy God as he reveals himself to you.

    Every day you will be blessed if you listen to the suggested worship songs as part of your devotional time. Do a YouTube search for a video version, or use iTunes, Songza, or Shazam to listen to the song. Listen, sing along, worship . . . and above all, be captivated and overwhelmed by the beauty of God.

    DAY 1 // O Lord, How Majestic is Your Name

    Read Psalm 8

    You have already reflected on this wonderful Psalm, but the spiritual life uses repetition and revisits to God’s Word. David is captivated by the glory of God in nature and the glory of God in the human person. It is way above his pay grade to understand the majesty of God, but that does not stop him from doing so. It should not stop you either.

    For Worship: Overwhelmed by Big Daddy Weave

    DAY 2 // The Heavens Declare the Glory of God

    Read Psalm 19

    Once again, David uses all of creation as the energizing motivation for worship and wonder. Then he turns to the Word of God and is full of wonder at the beauty of God’s Words to us. This leads David to a great longing for his own purity, and freedom from sin. That is a true sign of authentic wonder—the longing to be free from sin and set apart for God.

    For Worship: Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) by Hillsong United

    DAY 3 // God is a River of Delights

    Read Psalm 36:5-10

    These verses are forever etched on my heart. They formed a worship chorus I would sing over and over. God’s qualities are compared to the high heavens, the mighty mountains, and the great depths of the ocean. The blessings of God are described as an abundant feast, a river of delights, and a fountain of life. In other words, David (once again) is straining to find images and metaphors that do justice to our God. None can do justice, but still we try to find words that express our awe and amazement.

    For Worship: Your Love Oh Lord (Psalm 36) by Third Day

    DAY 4 // His Love Endures Forever

    Read Chronicles 16:7-43

    This is one of the holy moments in the history of Israel. The sacred Ark of the Covenant of God has been returned to the City of David. The result is one of the most beautiful expressions of worship there is. For almost 30 verses, reason after reason, statement after statement, quality of God after quality of God, spill forth, pile up, and accumulate in amazement and worship. Not only his people, but all creation is summoned to a glorious rejoicing of the splendor of God’s holiness. You, too, are summoned to do the same.

    For Worship: Joyful by Brenton Brown

    DAY 5 // The Four Streams

    Read Romans 11:33-12:2

    The doxology of Paul that flows into the urging of transformed living are profoundly linked in this passage. God is bigger, deeper, and greater than you can imagine, so we worship and we follow. We praise and we live with faithful obedience. It is who God is and it is what we do—wonder and worship.

    For Worship: You Are My Vision by Rend Collective, Campfire

    DAY 6 // God is Immeasurably More

    Read Ephesians 3:14-21

    The greatest glory, the most captivating beauty, and the highest majesty are displayed in Jesus Christ. His unimaginable incarnation, his sinless life, his powerful ministry, his sacrificial death, his triumphant resurrection and his ascension to glory—this is most wondrous of all. What we can do is worship, sing alleluia, shout glory, and follow in a life of transformed obedience that reflects and reveals our Lord Jesus. I believe Paul uses all these themes as he writes a prayer that is prayer, doxology, and benediction rolled into one.

    For Worship: Forever by Kari Jobe

    A Final Reflection of Where You Can Find Amazement and Awe, Wonder, and Worship

    • I am inspired and drawn into the glorious presence of God in many ways. Find your own pathways to encounter beauty and glory. Here are some suggestions.
    • Artists and the works they create
    • Stained glass images of the biblical story
    • Creation itself, whether moutains, deserts, forests, or oceans,or the galaxies above; sunrise and sunset; a spider web
    • Music: ancient and contemporary
    • Handel’s Messiah is a treasure
    • Sunday morning worship (this is a prime time for me)
    • Architecture, and especially the great church cathedrals, which were designed to overwhelm us with the grandeur of God
    • Communion (this is another prime time for me)
    • Powerful movies that convey astonishment and wonder like: Field of Dreams, Wings of Desire, City of Angels, Amadeus
    • The Christmas season with its mystery and reverence
    • The Easter season
    • The birth of a baby
    • The simple (quotidian) moments of life; the little touches of people in our lives
    • The story of God as it is on display in our own stories
  • Songs We Sing
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    • Joyful (The One Who Saves)Brenton Brown
    • This Is Amazing GracePhil Wickham
    • How Great Is Our GodChris Tomlin
    • OverwhelmedBig Daddy Weave
    • Revelation SongJesus Culture
    • Good Good FatherChris Tomlin ft. Pat Barrett
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