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March 19, 2017

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    Day 1: Our God is a Missional God

    Read John 1:1-18 and John 3:16-17.

    God is love. Love gives. Love cares. Love takes initiative. Love reaches out. Love commits itself. Love sacrifices for the sake of the one who is loved. That is what the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are like. God the Father is love (John 3:16). God the Son is love (Romans 6:6-11). God the Spirit is love (Romans 6:5, Galatians 5:22-23).

    STUDY: Read the John passages. What are the most important things you learn about God and the love God has for the world?Callout1

    THINK ABOUT IT: Remember your own conversion. How did God reach you? Who were the people God used to reach you? How did you first experience the love of God pursuing you?

    PRAY IT THROUGH: Spend time in worship and gratitude, simply thanking God for his missional love for you. Then, thank God for the people he put in your story, so you would experience his love.

    Day 2: A Missional Church for a Missional MessiahRead Mark 3:13-18 and John 20:21.

    Jesus is a Messiah on a mission. He is a Savior who is on a mission to save. He is a redeemer who is on a mission to redeem. Jesus is the head of the church and the church is the body of Christ. The church receives its identity, its purpose, and its nature from its head. Because Jesus the head is missional, then the church, his body, must be missional. A good friend of mine says, “The church does not simply have a mission. The church is the mission of God in the world.”

    Look at what Jesus did with the disciples in Mark 3:13-18. First, he called them to be with him. He would spend 3 years with them, training and teaching them, giving them ministry opportunities, loving them, empowering them, and constantly giving them ministry assignments. He did all of this with the purpose of sending them out. That is what the word apostle means: the sent-out ones.

    STUDY: Read John 20:21. Jesus sends the disciples into the world in the same way he was sent by the Father into the world. The way Jesus was sent is the way Jesus sends us into the world. Make a list of the various ways Jesus was sent into the world. With a little probing, you will come up with a great list. Now, apply that to the missional church and the missional people in that church. How are we at Living Word being sent out by Jesus?

    PRAY IT THROUGH: Pray that the people of Living Word would be fully faithful missional friends and servants of the Lord God Almighty. Pray that we would have wisdom to support the next steps God has for us. Pray for the next steps God will lead Living Word in as we seek to be Wider in Influence (locally, regionally, and globally).

    Day 3: Missional Friends and a Global Family

    Read Matthew 9:35-38 and Matthew 28:18-20.

    In the Old Testament, as God was doing his incredible work among Israel, the pattern was to invite the nations to come to Israel and see what he was doing. In the New Testament, the pattern is Callout3to go and show the people what God is doing. Go and do ministry. Go and do ministry among the people who need you. Do ministry like the people in Matthew 9:35-38. Do ministry like the peoples of all the nations in Matthew 28:18-20. Go make disciples.

    The Matthew 9 passage talks about a harvest of people who are harassed and helpless. There is a vast harvest of such people. Jesus tells the disciples to pray that God would send out more workers into this harvest of people. Be sure to notice that Jesus is fully devoted to his own personal, missional work. Also notice that Jesus cannot do it alone. He needs others to help him.

    PRAY IT THROUGH: Pray that God would send more workers into the harvest.

    PUT IT INTO PRACTICE: Living Word has a great team of people around the world, doing a wide variety of missional work. Visit to see who is in the Living Word missions family. Get to know them. Attend the Sunday Global Cafés to meet our missions family and learn more about their work.

    Day 4: Praying for Those on the Mission Field

    Read Ephesians 6:19-20.

    Sometimes our devotions are simple. God has a clear word for us. We then simply listen, hear, understand, and obey. The word for today’s devotion comes from the Apostle Paul, who uses himself as an illustration. It is simply this: Pray for those who are doing missionary work.

    PRAY IT THROUGH: Pray for our missionaries. Pray for their fruitful ministry, for fearless and sensitive witnessing, for conversions, for their disciple-making work, for their health, for their safety, for their families, for their language learning, for having divine contacts with people God brings their way, for them to be filled with the Spirit, for intimacy with Jesus, for trust in God for results, and more.

    PUT IT INTO PRACTICE: Pick a name, even if you do not know the person. Pray for that person for the things listed above. God knows them.


    Read 2 Corinthians 8:1-9:15 (note: two whole chapters).

    This is undoubtedly the most I will ever ask you to read for a devotional time. It is the two most concentrated chapters in the Bible on generous giving to support the work of God. We support 14 missionaries from North America who work overseas. We support another 14 nationals who are working in their own countries. We Callout2March19also have 11 current major projects we support. To do this, we need to raise about $465,000. That support comes from the love and faithfulness of the people at Living Word.

    STUDY: Spend some time reading, thinking, and making notes on the best ideas you learn about generosity and support of God’s work in the church and missions.

    PRAY IT THROUGH: Pray about your own involvement in financially supporting our global ministry. Pray for the entire church, that we would be faithful to God, to our representatives, and to the people they have gone to reach with the good news of Jesus Christ.

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