To Know God and Have His Heart

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    wordcollage These three passages provide a collage of essential themes that tell us - what God is like, what God delights in, and what God requires of us. Read them again, and see what speaks to you most powerfully.

    1. KNOWING GOD: Soaking in Our Awesome God

    God wants you to know him. God wants you to enjoy him. God wants you to have a heart like his - to delight in what he delights.

    For Reflection

    How much do you long to know God? How much are you enjoying God? How much do you value God for who he is (think about the different qualities in the passages)?

    2. BECOMING LIKE GOD: The Imitation of Christ

    Read Ephesians 4:32 - 5:2 and 2 Peter 1:3-4. What you soak in changes you. Who you hang out with changes you. Soaking in God and hanging out with God will make you “more like God.” “Gentle “people” this is a Bible… this is prayer… this is worship…” Being with God in the Scripture, prayer and worship is how we hang out with God and how God’s life is imprinted on us. Then, putting into practice what God delights in and what God requires - is how we become like God. “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.”  Aristotle

    For Reflection

    Look over each set of qualities, and assess how often you practice them. For example - how often do you practice kindness… or compassion… etc.

    For Reflection

    Occasionally I hear someone say, “Christianity isn’t working for me.” I find myself thinking - “Christianity works just fine when you “put it into practice.” How well is your Christianity working?

    3. LIVING FOR GOD - LIVING LIKE GOD:  Overflowing Into Others

    What Would Jesus Do?

    This is a good question - not for specifics, but for practices, or for “ways.” Here is a guideline for you to put into practice, the way of Jesus.  Do:

    Daily Acts of Random Kindness 

    These are spontaneous. You don’t plan them, you are just always ready to be kind to someone, lend a hand, give an encouragement, do something nice, and so on. Start out with one a day, then after a week, do it twice a day. Keep increasing your random acts of kindness until it becomes a HABIT.

    Weekly Acts of Intentional Service

    These are more planned. It takes some preparation and it will take some time to do these intentional acts. One GREAT way to do this is to join a ministry team at the church, and be involved in regular ministry. Get it on to your schedule so that it also become a way of life (HABIT) for you.

    Regular Acts of Strategic Generosity

    For this one, you have the freedom and responsibility to pray and discern what God would have you do. But be aware that this will require even higher intentionality of thought and planning. Be a steward and make a great investment of your Time, Talent and Treasure that makes a real difference for others.


    As you live like this… As you put into practice the things in which God delights and requires… As you live a life of compassion, love, humility, justice, and service … that is when you are most blessed and happiest. It turns out that God has designed the human body to flourish when we are these things. Joyfully, we can affirm this. Loving God with all your heart and loving others as God loves them - turns out to be the best way for you to love yourself…

    To God be the glory.

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