Uncommon Sense: The Way Of Wisdom

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March 8, 2020

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    DAY 1: Wisdom Among the Virtues

    Ephesians 1:16–19; 4:17–24, 5:8–20 There are some Bible scholars who think that WISDOM deserves consideration as the most important virtue. They say that because we have to think well about a virtue. We must understand what a particular virtue is, why it matters, how we acquire it, and how we put it into practice. All this is a matter of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. They could be right. Whether you agree that it is the most important virtue, wisdom is certainly high on the list. Jesus usually used the word TRUTH (John 8:31, 42–47; 14:6, 17; 17:17). Paul uses a range of words- understanding, knowledge, learning, discernment, insight, enlightened, wisdom, and more. In Ephesians you will read about just how important wisdom is. There are a lot of ideas (truth, wisdom) in the passages you will read. Jot down the most important insights about wisdom—what it is, why you need it, how you get it. Reflect: In light of what you just learned, are you a wise person? Are there any areas of life where RIGHT NOW you need wisdom? Ask God for wisdom (James 1:5). If reading, studying, and reflecting on the Bible is a primary way to wisdom, you are to be affirmed for doing this devotional. It is a journey. Keep walking the road to wisdom. Be blessed!

    DAY 2: Wisdom is the Way to Flourishing

    Proverbs 2-3 That’s right, you have two chapters to read today. They will be easy to read, but deep in insight about wisdom. The devotional for this week is a little different from previous weeks. We have you reading longer parts of the Bible, and we want you to gather the best wisdom about wisdom as you read. The goal is to jot down the BEST insights about wisdom and constantly ask, “Have I learned these lessons?” Constantly pray, “Jesus teach me these lessons.”

    DAY 3: Get Wisdom, Get Understanding -At Any Cost

    Proverbs 4 More of the same today. Just one chapter, but it is loaded, and I mean really loaded, with beautiful and brilliant truth. As you read, use the same instructions from Day 2.

    DAY 4: Wisdom is Calling Out to You

    Proverbs 8-9 In Proverbs 8 and 9, not only is there more outstanding moral advice about wisdom, but wisdom (and folly) are personified. Wisdom is described as a person. The later Christian interpreters see this as a “pre-figuring” of Jesus the Word of God and Jesus the Wisdom of God. Use the same instructions from Days 2 and 3 for today.

    DAY 5: Eyes That See, Ears That Hear (JESUS)

    1 Corinthians 1:17–2:16 Paul talks over and over about wisdom in this passage. And Paul talks about Jesus as the wisdom of God, Jesus as the wisdom Paul preaches, and the Spirit of God as the one who brings wisdom to those who have ears to hear. There are a lot of ideas here. Read, reflect, pray, and put into practice the wisdom of Jesus.
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