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May 17, 2020

  • Daily Devotional
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    Day 1 

    Read: Psalm 19:1-6 

    It’s not difficult to find wonder. Psalm 19 teaches that creation itself sings praises to God. Everything around us testifies to the wonder and glory of our Creator. Have you ever seen a sight in nature that caused you to pause and praise God? Maybe it was a waterfall, or the view from the top of a mountain, or the beauty of an animal?  

    It is so easy sometimes to overlook the evidence of God’s wonder that we see each day. It is almost like we have blinders that prevent us from seeing the beauty that is all around us.  We can lose our sense of wonder. We can become numb to the majesty of God. 

    Have you lost your sense of wonder at God? Follow the leading of creation itself and make bold declarations of the glory of God. Observe the world around you in a different way today. Ask God to restore a sense of wonder and view your world with God’s glory in mind. 

    Pray: God, the heavens declare your glory, but sometimes I miss it. It is so easy to become focused on myself and everything that I have to do that I miss you. Help me to regain that sense of wonder and awe. Help me to live each day in wonder of you. Amen. 


    Day 2 

    Read: Job 38-41 (if you have time) or 37:14-24, 38:4-7, 40:1-5 

    Pray: The story of Job reminds us of a hard truth: Bad things happen to good people. Job is described as a blameless man who honors God. He is righteous, but he experiences great suffering. Much of the book is a conversation between Job and three friends discussing the justice of God and how he gives punishments or rewards. This results in Job accusing God. He is rambling, confused, and emotional. And he demands that God should explain himself.  

    God’s response is to take Job on a little tour, of sorts. He speaks to Job from a storm and asks him a series of questions, reminding Job that he has eyes on the weather, creation, animals, the seasons, the whole world! It is like God is reminding Job of all the things that he controls and that he knows every single detail. Job is just a tiny, miniscule part of this vast creation that God controls.  

    These verses are beautiful, poetic reminders of just how vast and big and mighty our God really is. And he concludes by asking Job, “Now what do you have to say for yourself? Are you going to haul me, the Mighty One, into court and press charges?” Keeping a sense of God’s wonder can help us to put our own troubles in perspective. God runs the universe and we don’t. 

    Pray: God, help me to keep my eyes on you. When I am suffering, when the world doesn’t make sense to me, help me to remember that you run the world according to your justice and plans. Help me to take refuge in you, God. Amen. 


    Day 3 

    Read: Job 42 

    After God’s response to Job in the passages we read yesterday, Job speaks to God with this passage of great humility.  Job worships God. When you read these words, you can imagine Job bowing down before the Lord, acknowledging the wonder of God. Job specifically mentions that he spoke of things that were “too wonderful” for him. In The Message paraphrase of the Bible, this verse is worded this way: I babbled on about things far beyond me, made small talk about wonders way over my head. 

    Regardless of our circumstances, we can experience wonder. Regardless of our health, bank account, job, or relationships, we can still experience awe regarding God. Rather than question God, use your circumstances to humbly submit to one who is bigger than us, one who is far more wonderful than we can comprehend. 

    Pray: God, even in times of great trouble, restore a sense of wonder to me. Help me to worship you, even when it is hard. Help me to submit to your leading. Help me to realize that your ways and plans are beyond me, God. Amen. 


    Day 4 

    Read: Acts 2:42-47 

    So far this week we have read and thought a lot about the wonders of God revealed in creation and the works of God. But God’s wonder is also revealed in people and relationships.  

    The church in Acts experienced many signs and wonders. These were people who literally witnessed miracles, saw crowds of people begin to follow Jesus, and were part of a great and exciting work of God! 

    But just as all of those miracles were wonderful, so are these few verses tucked at the end of chapter two. The Christians in Acts were experiencing an incredible community. The people spent time together studying and laughing, eating and drinking, sharing their possessions, and praising God. This, too, is a miracle. This, too, is a sign and a wonder. 

    Wonder happens in the midst of community. Relationships and friendships are gifts of God that tell us about God, about who is he and what he values. The world around us craves the type of community that God offers us. Our relationships can point others to the wonder of God. Don’t underestimate the wonder of relationships. 

    Pray: God, help me to have deep relationships that are rooted in you. Help me to demonstrate to other people that you care about relationships and people. Help me to look at the people around me as a gift from you. Amen.  


    Day 5 

    Read: Revelation 4 

    We opened this week in the book of Psalms, and we close in the book of Revelation. You might not think that these books have a lot in common, but they are both books all about worship. 

    John 4 depicts a vision of worship in heaven.There are elders and angels and all sorts of creatures surrounding God on his throne, singing praises to God. He is Holy! He is everlasting! He is worthy of praise and honor! He is the Creator! He is almighty and eternal!  

    When we get a vision of the wonder of God, it makes us want to worship him more and more. David G. Peterson writes, “Worship is a dominant theme from Genesis to Revelation because the God who created all things and redeemed us in Christ is worthy to receive all honor, praise, service, and respect.” The more we understand of God and his glory and his power, the more we respond in worship. May we, like the creatures in John 4, cry out “Holy, holy, holy” in praise of God. 

    Pray: God, you made everything and you alone are worthy of my worship! Please fill me with wonder and awe that will lead me to cry out to praise you. Help me to remember that worshipping anything other than you will always lead to disappointment. Take all of my glory and honor and praise, God, because you alone are worthy of receiving it. I love you, God. Amen. 

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