Mom to Mom



Contact Lisa Long at 717-755-0089 x 122

We are postponing the restart of Mom to Mom until September 2021. At that time we will monitor the status of COVID-19, school district choices, and the structure of kid::care as we decide how to move forward.



Do you ever wish you could

  • pause long enough to have an adult conversation?
  • actually figure out what being a mom is all about?
  • gain insight from someone further along on the parenting journey?

Mom to Mom is a community of women who will share wisdom with you, care about you, and pray for you.

If you are in an existing group, leaders will continue to build relationships in the manner that works best for each table group (e.g., What’s App, Zoom, walks in the park, phone calls, etc.).

If you are interested in joining a group, please contact Lisa Long at x 122.

Read what others have said about Mom to Mom:

“It’s such a great program—” Two hours of great people watching our kids, time to be a sponge and absorb the talk, eat fun foods, and share in a safe place.     — K.F.

My friends brought me here.  And I keep telling them thank you!    — I.L.

“Excellent, uplifting, useful teaching”  Safe, loving childcare (even for small babies); fun relaxing “adult time” (a scarce commodity); helpful discussions in a safe and supportive environment; networking opportunities, making friends . . . I love Mom to Mom!   — S.W.

View the National Mom to Mom website.