More Than a Cup of Cold Water for the Bahamas || guest blog by John Hilliard

Today’s blog post is written by John Hilliard, pastor of global ministry and local outreach. 

As most of us watched the weather last week, Hurricane Dorian was bearing down as a Category 5 storm on the small group of islands called the Bahama’s. Because it is near the east coast, I’m sure many of us from York County have visited this island paradise. But a paradise it is no more. This massive storm sat over the island, progressing at less than 5 miles per hour with winds in excess of 180 mph devastating everything in its path. Reports from people who survived the storm are terrifying as their homes were literally blown away as they hunkered down within them.

The cleanup is just beginning as well as accounting for people lost and killed by the storm’s fury. Many organizations are stepping up to help, cruise lines are bringing in food and evacuating people. Celebrity chef Jose Andres is feeding hundreds of people each day. Water is the biggest crisis. Where they don’t have clean water disease, dehydration and many other problems follow.

Living Word has found a partner to help provide clean water in situations like this. In the past two years we have donated funds to Water Missions International to bring freshwater equipment for the local populations. In the Bahamas, because the devastation is so complete and fresh water sources are so limited, they are bringing ‘desalinization’ equipment to convert sea water into fresh potable water for those who remain on the island. Through your previous gifts toward Disaster Relief we are able to contribute $20,000 toward that effort. There is a matching grant in place that will double those funds to $40,000. The equipment is already on its way.

Watch a brief video with Water Mission disaster response coordinator Craig Williams, sharing an update on the ground.

Thank you, Living Word, for your generosity in the past. We are accepting your generous gifts to the Disaster Relief Fund, all funds contributed through October 15th will be sent to Water Missions for additional fresh water systems. You can donate here.

Thank you, Living Word, for your generosity. We are truly blessed to be a blessing again in a time of crisis. 

Pastor John Hilliard