Mothers: Living Faithfully, a Hidden Life

We all love the big, the grand, the spectacular, the showy & splashy, the memorable…

But that it about 3% of life? The other 97% of life is none of that.

The other 97% is the daily, routine, little, small, unmemorable but absolutely essential stuff that makes life worth living.

Mothers, in all sorts of situations and settings, spend most of their days (the 97%) living faithfully, which is called a hidden life. As I recently read this quote, it hit me – this is what moms do.

If there is a growing goodness in our lives, it is because others showed up to do the “unhistoric stuff of daily life.”

If things are “not so ill as they might have been,” it is because others showed up, faithfully, day after day to do good things.

We won’t remember most of that hidden, faithful, unhistoric, daily stuff that was done, so we would have a pretty good life. Our memory will fail us, the busyness of life will distract us, the difficulties of life may distort both sight and memory…

But here we are. And we are here because of the faithful love and service of others.

Our mothers – they are the others.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. And it is a time to remember… to appreciate… and to value… and perhaps for all of us to realize – there are others who depend on us to faithfully live the hidden life for their sake.

And whether they remember to say thank-you, whether they visit our final resting place (or not), that is not why we faithfully live the hidden life. We do it because that is what LOVE DOES.

Moms everywhere – thanks for doing what LOVE DOES.

We would not be who we are without you.

A grateful son and a better human being because of you,
– Pastor Brian


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