My Christmas Traditions (Ryan Lewis)

Today on the blog, Ryan Lewis, our Worship Leader, shares some of his favorite Christmas traditions.

One of my earliest childhood memories is standing next to my Grandpa in church singing “Joy to the World.” As we would get to the end of the last verse he would lean down in my ear and echo the singers, in deep bass harmony: “and wonders of His love.” It would make me laugh each and every time, in both amazement (“Pap! How can you sing different than everyone else and still make it sound good?”) and amusement (his last name is “Wonders”).

I’ve come to realize this was my first experience with irony. Thus, a memory was cemented in my mind. I understood in my little way that there was a unique significance to this song and this line.

Each year my family gathers at one of the Wonders’ homes on Christmas day. Food, family, relaxing, catching up. As a kid I felt the privilege and gift of having a family with relatively low dysfunction. This was mostly due to the legacy my Grandma and Grandpa started in their family by accepting Christ and absolutely transforming their lives.

My Grandpa says that when he met Christ, in effect: “the drinking stopped, the cursing stopped, the wild life stopped. I knew what was right and what was wrong, and accepting Christ and all he’s done for me absolutely required me to change my whole life.”

To me, our ultimate enjoyment of this legacy takes place at our annual Christmas gathering where the Wonders come together and celebrate, as my Grandma always put it, “Jesus’ birthday.”

I hope this year you will enjoy a blessed Christmas with the “Wonders of His love” in your life.

Ryan Lewis