New Parent Vault || guest post by Garrett Lowe

Hello parents!

My desire for 2020 is to create a vault (noun: a secure room where valuables are stored) of parent resources that encourage and equip you with tools, insights, and practices that will help you vault (verb: jump over obstacles; leap forward) in raising your children to be authentic followers of Jesus!

We are living in a culture unlike any other time or place in history! There are a lot of challenges and dangers that threaten the spiritual lives of our children, but there are also many opportunities and advantages that we can leverage for the flourishing of our families.

The first resource in the vault is a video that our NextGen team put together for you to use on Christmas morning. A common Christmas family tradition is reading Luke chapter 2, the story of Jesus’ birth. We know how hard it is for young people to just listen to a story, so we hope our video is a fun way for your family to gather together and experience the story.

We even included a ten-question trivia game at the end, so pay attention (and try to let your kids answer)! 

 You can sign up for the NextGen Parent Vault here: 

You may need to move the email out of your “promotion folder” and into your “primary” folder if you’re using a gmail account. If you didn’t receive an email right away, be sure to check your spam folder.

Feel free to reach out with questions or parenting topics that you would love to have addressed in the Parent Vault!

You can email me (Garrett) at