Our 2020 Christmas Devotional (Pick One Up Sunday, November 29th)

Many years ago in 2003, when Becky and I returned to Living Word and our relationships with dear friends picked back up, one of those friendships was with Gordon Carpenter. Gordon had always been interested in spirituality and spiritual formation. He had a long history of journaling and using devotional guides as a supplement for his Bible reflection.

Gordon turned me on to using Advent devotionals – that is, a resource designed for Christmas. Over the years I have used many of them and found them so useful for getting into the Christmas narrative.

Many years ago we began to write devotional guides at Living Word, to go along with the sermon series. We have heard over and over how much people appreciate these devotionals.

From time to time, we create a more substantial devotional resource. We decided to do that this year for Christmas 2020.

We have a 25-day devotional experience for you in an attractive format. These daily reflections will help you build a good spiritual rhythm for this Christmas season when so much seems so disrupted.

COVID-19 disrupted our routines. We want to help you build some new ones, and our Christmas devotional will help you do just that.

These devotionals are professionally printed, in an attractive booklet format and can be picked up at the church beginning on Sunday, November 29th. They will also be available as an online resource, but the booklet is EVEN BETTER.

You can also stop by the church anytime Monday through Thursday, go to the receptionist area, and pick one up. But, get yours early so you can start right away.

Here is what else we want you to think about. We have ordered extra devotionals because it is a great idea for you to GET AN EXTRA ONE and give it to a friend who is not a part of Living Word. Best of all, give it to someone who is not a Christian and tell them, “Here is a resource our church put together to experience the Christmas story.” In 10-15 minutes a day they can really move into that story in a fresh way.

Now, you can’t take a handful with you. We do have limited supplies. And please, only take one if you are going to get it into the hands of a family member, friend (or co-worker or neighbor, hopefully they are all friends) right away.

The devotions start on December 1st.

I want to thank Kendall Potter for all the time she put into creating this devotional experience for you, and Lisa Long and Pastor Brian Newman for being a part of the editing process. Like most things at Living Word, they are team projects where gifts come together and enhance one another.

Our prayer is that this year, in spite of COVID-19, you will have the Best Christmas Ever as you draw near to Christ and experience the reason for the season: the good news of Immanuel, to save us from our sins.

Pastor Brian

Brian Rice
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