Parenting with Post-it Notes || Guest Post by Pastor Garrett Lowe

Do you struggle finding the right place and time to say all the things that your children need to hear?  

Is it difficult to find ways to engage in deeper conversations with your children about the stuff that really matters in life?  

Are you looking for one more way to encourage or direct their heart?   

Consider the power of the Post-it Note!  

As a parent, I feel like I need all the help I can get! I’m always looking for fresh and creative ways to help my daughter grow in her love for God and others. I want to see her flourish in the way and wisdom of Jesus! 

Our church community is currently in a message series on character formation. What an important topic for the next generation! However, it can be difficult to engage our children in conversations about their character.  

This month, in the Parent Vault, I introduce you to a father who found a way to use Post-it Notes to pass on love, wisdom, and encouragement to his three daughters. He has used these notes to spark many conversations on a variety of topics over the years, and it is just one more way for you and me to engage our little ones as well. 

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